General Sherman and the Georgia Belles: Tales from Women Left Behind

In 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman and 60,000 Union soldiers embarked on a sixty-mile wide path of destruction through central Georgia now known as Sherman’s March to the Sea. Georgians scrambled to resist this infamous campaign wherever possible, and opposition came from many unexpected sources, including the brave women of the Peach State.

In every sense “steel magnolias,” Georgia’s women were poised to stand firm in the face of an invasion meant to sever them from home and family. This book explores the brave contributions these women made in the face of severe destruction and loss.

Cathy Kaemmerlen, a renowned storyteller and historical interpreter, provides a colorful collection of tales of exceptional Georgia women who made great sacrifices in an effort to save their families and homes. From the innocent diary of a 10-year-old girl to the words of a woman who risks everything to see her husband one last time, Kaemmerlen exposes the grit and gumption of these remarkable Southern women in inspiring and entertaining fashion.


“I started reading your book last night. There is a whole world dedicated to women’s history that I have been interested in and never knew existed. Thank you for providing the portal for me to make this journey. . . Your combination of research and creativity is inspiring . . .  A recent comment is I am one of the “top 5 entertainers in the US”! I am sure when I met you I met my match. The book is signed “May you be inspired by the Georgia belles”. I am inspired, by who you wrote about in your book as well as reading how you, as a current Georgia belle help people learn. Thank you.” — Debra Hansford

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